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Beny Ashburn

Founder & CEO

Crowns & Hops Brewing Co.

“Maclane is by far one of the most talented producers we at Crowns & Hops Brewing Co have worked with.  Our brand represents culture and creativity, and Maclane helps us deliver on that promise every time.  For our recent brand spots, the music was such an important part of our story telling. Maclane's track provided that additional layer of emotional connectivity, and he mixed the track beautifully with Teo Hunter's voice.  Cheers to creating so many more "DOPE'' work together!”

Lee Charron

Creative Director 

NHS/Ricta Wheel Dynamics

“Maclane was referred to me by a trusted freelance animator that we had both previously worked with. We (NHS) had recently done a complete rebrand for one of our wheels brands (Ricta) and I was looking for a

branded sound similar to the THX Note, a ramping sound that crescendos when the Ricta logo hits the screen and disappears in a fast sonic whisper. Maclane was able to take my verbal description of the sound and translate them seamlessly into a final product. I greatly appreciated the work he did and he showed initiative in working with the team at Warm & Fuzzy, he kept everybody’s eyes on the prize.”


James Cunningham


Vertical Air Solutions

“As a start up, Vertical Air Solutions was looking to develop content that was informative, and also intriguing and current.  Maclane produced a soundscape that enabled our commercial to stand out from the rest. From our first interaction to the finished product, Maclane was a professional and we couldn’t be happier with his execution.”

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